Raleigh,  NC
February 26, 27,& 28, 2021

Join Jason Geiman and Donovan Quesenberry on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for our next in-person training session.

On Friday we will host an all-day pressure washing training session. This is a hands-on class where you will learn the basics of running a business, including sales & marketing, as well as learning to use the equipment yourself under the close supervision of two experts in the industry.

On Saturday you will learn how Dovan has grown his gutter cleaning business over $500,000 and how you can do it too. Also on saturday you will learn about roof safety and installing anchors. Also will learn about lift training.

Sunday will be all about Christmas Lights and how to get business and put up lights like a professional. 

This class will be limited to 20 people.

Raleigh NC Pressure Washing & Christmas Lights 3 Day Training

$1,250.00 USD
Raleigh NC 2 Day.Pressure Washing Training

$1,000.00 USD
Raleigh NC 2 Day Christmas Lights Training

$1,000.00 USD