Raleigh North Carolina Pressure Washing and Christmas Light Training October 14-16, 2022

Join Jason Geiman and Donovan Quesenberry as they lead you through the essential elements of Business

Pressure Washing


  • Pressure washing basics
  • Chemical safety
  • Roof cleaning
  • 26 Steps to the PERFECT house wash
  • High ticket quoting for pressure washing
  • hands-on training


How To Run A Business 10/15

  • business basics
  • things you need to start a business
  • marketing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • networking
  • Google My Business
  • sales
  • quoting to be profitable
  • phone scripts
  • High ticket prices with bundles
  • How to get google reviews

  • ladder safety

  • Roof safety

Christmas Lights


  • Christmas lights basics
  • Installing lights on a roof
  • How to make your own extension cords
  • 25 Steps to install fast
  • High ticket quoting
  • ladder safety
  • Roof safety
  • Hands-on training 

Raleigh Both Christmas Lights and Pressure washing training

October 14-16

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Raleigh Pressure washing training

October 14-15

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Raleigh Christmas Lights training

October 15-16

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Raleigh Christmas Lights training employee or spouse

October 16

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