1 Tip Answering The Phone From Jill's Office

Jun 07, 2021

 What can Jill's office do for me?

Jill's office we're a virtual receptionist so we can help you

  • answer phones,
  • schedule appointments, 
  • make outbound calls
  • follow-up calls for people

 Pressure washers, small business owners that want to work hard and get out there and get the job done. So Jill Office  we can help you get that done by helping you in your office by taking phones.

But I know how to answer the phone. Or do you?

It's just hello right answering the phone?

It's kind of a science and to understand how to how to handle that science that's something that we do in fact.

In the last two weeks alone Jill's Office has taken over 50,000 phone calls talked for 29 straight days in our office.

So phone calls are something that Jill's Office doe's and we're we're really good at it.

What is the average phone call length?

If we're scheduling it's right around four to five minutes, but if it's just taking phone call taking messages right around two to three.

What are some benefits of having a receptionist answer the phone?

One thing is cost, cost is a big thing we're paying the insurance we're paying the taxes and everything like that and then on top of that like we train we do everything in-house and we're here US based to make sure that everything's happening proficiently for you to make your business successful.

How many Jill's do you have in your office?

90 Jill's answering all those phone calls.

When you're out doing your pressure washing job, make sure try to get all the phone calls you can.

At the same time making sure that when you're answering the phone call even when you're working to always have a pleasant sounding voice.

Make sure you put down the pressure washer for a second.

Make sure to ask for:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email
  • address
  • what they need done

ask for that important information so you can keep them as a contact and reach back out to them later and follow up.

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