How To Make $1500 Per Day Starting A Gutter Cleaning Business!

Oct 01, 2020


Did You Know you can make $1500 a day cleaning gutters?


Starting A Gutter Cleaning business

What if you start a Gutter cleaning business? It is a question that often crosses the entrepreneurs' minds due to its substantial pay. They refer Gutter cleaning sometimes as eaves-trough cleaning. Though the business can be seasonal, you can be sure to amass great wealth because the industry is in demand.

Notably, many homeowners will prefer paying someone to do this job, which is often considered tedious, dirty, and dangerous. The thought of it being filthy grants an excellent opportunity to gutter cleaning entrepreneurs who know what it takes to be an expert gutter cleaner. It will be wise noting that an outstanding gutter cleaning business employs specific essential equipment and proper techniques.

Find out all the real insights that will guide you towards starting a gutter cleaning business.

So, what does it take to start a Gutter cleaning business?

Starting a gutter cleaning business is simple. First, you will need to have a sufficient amount to help you purchase all the essential equipment for the work. Secondly, you should be ready to acquire the personnel that will help you in discharging the duties. Finally, it would be best if you are prepared to face any challenges and competitions that may arise, considering how this business is now winning many entrepreneurs' hearts.

The approximate amount of money that will help you start a gutter cleaning business is $2000. Of course, the amount is suitable for the entrepreneurs who already have some equipment at their disposal. The specific requirements that you will need include the following;

  • First, you will need a vehicle since it will be quite challenging to transport a ladder without your car. You may opt to hire one if you are a beginner.
  • A ladder will then follow. Of course, ladders have options, but 24 to 32-inch ladder will work for most homes. Safety plans need to be put in place, therefore, necessitating the need for a ladder stabilizer. The ladder stabilizer will keep the ladder of the Gutters.
  • The gutter cleaning business involves collecting debris in the gutters, hence necessary to have buckets and tarps.
  • Personal protective equipment is also essential such as heavy-duty rubber gloves for the safety of your hands.
  • Pressure washer will be essential for quick cleaning of downspouts
  • Ensure that you invest in safety equipment such as helmet, eye gear, light rubber shoes, and gloves. You will also need a strong safety rope to act as a fall arrester in instances of accidental falls.
  • Finally, ensuring your business is a great step that will propel you towards success.

All these are the essentials that will help you get started with a Gutter cleaning business. Though some may opt to do without it, the results will not be very appealing, especially when the safety tools are missing, making it rather smart to have them all.

    Now that you have all the essentials that will help you get- started with the gutter cleaning business let us consider the next step, which is equally important. You should define how you will approach gutter cleaning.

Three methods for Gutter cleaning

There are three approaches that you can decide to use in your gutter cleaning business. The methods include;

  • The use of the ladder
  • Using a leaf blower
  • Manual roof scooping 

All these methods are effective, and the decision will solely lie on what you find best for you. The gutter you are working on will also dictate the method that you will choose. If you are dealing with a steep roof, a ladder will be essential, for it will enable you to reach the gutters and poles. Furthermore, you will be happy with the comfort that the ladder will accord you.

Using a leaf blower will serve you best when dealing with dry leaves on the roof gutter. If the debris is wet, the method will prove hard because dirt may splash on the walls, which may eventually lead to double work.

Finally, all you will be doing on the method of manual scooping is to use a pole and a scoop. Of course, you will need to wear fall-proof because the method can be very dangerous due to the dangers associated with this process, it's advisable to use a longer scoop so that you take care of cases that will force you to stretch.

Pricing Gutter cleaning business

Pricing is an important practice that will determine if you will get clients or not. If you are a beginner, it will be wise to do a benchmark from the other firms to get an idea of how they calculate the price. The pricing parameters are roof heights, roof material, and the square footage of the roof.

Gutter cleaning prices vary depending on the area that you are cleaning. The linear foot of a gutter always determines the price. Single story gutters are fairly cheaper, and they may range from 75 cents to1.5 dollars. For complex buildings such as two-story buildings, the cost can range from 1 dollar to 3 dollars per linear foot. So, conclusively, the pricing solely depends on the nature of stories. Ensure that you are giving fair prices that will be friendly to your clients.

Notably, the price you will charge should meet the ongoing expenses for your gutter cleaning business. The ongoing expenses may include fuel for your vehicle, vehicle maintenance, and insurance premiums. It should also be able to leave a token for you after incurring all those expenses.  

How do you market your Gutter Cleaning Business?

When you are ready to get started with the gutter cleaning business, you will want people to know your business. Best entrepreneurs will opt for smart marketing strategies, while beginners will also embrace fairly smart options. It is easy to get clients' attention since it will only need some few bucks, and there, you will be ready to receive calls from clients. Here are the few marketing strategies that will make your business famous!


Printing flyers is very simple. It is best for beginners who are just introducing themselves to people in the gutter cleaning business. You can distribute the flyers around your home or any person you meet. Flyers should contain information about what you do, how you and the prices that you charge.

Social media

Almost all people now own a Facebook account. It is a great business marketing tool that can reach all your friends, friends' parents, and friends! Use your Facebook page to explain all the duties you do and the price you charge. Social media is the best marketing tool that everyone can use since it attracts a multitude of people.

Reach them in person

Reaching people from their homes can appear so naïve, but it is the most appealing way to sell your services. Please give them your contacts and emails to reach you anytime they need gutter cleaning services.

How does the gutter cleaning business make money?

The Gutter cleaning business will be receiving job offers from homeowners who need the cleaning services. The fees that the business will often charge bases on the nature of the gutters that need cleaning. Two or more story buildings will charge a heavier fee than a one-story building basing on the pricing that the firm charges.

Notably, some gutter cleaners will give a general price to a homeowner, while others will strictly adhere to the calculations basing on the area. 

Who are the customers of the Gutter cleaning business?

Every homeowner who can afford to contract a gutter cleaning service is legible to be a customer. Most of the targets include the middle, upper-middle, and upper-class homeowners. 

Notably, the gutter cleaning business often booms during the fall. Most homeowners will need to clean there gutter at this season, making it quite challenging to estimate the amounts of profits that the business can amass. The gutter cleaning service needs to set their standards high to manage to attract esteemed customers that will accord a handsome pay to allow them to meet there annual financial forecast.

Making your business more profitable

Every gutter cleaning business has mechanisms through which they can use to enhance their revenue. Since gutter cleaning is seasonal, some firms opt to offer gutter repairs, gutter guarding, and many related practices. Other firms also offer leaf removal services, window washing, and the skylight cleaning service.

All these packages are assembled to add more work to the firm. Firms doing this are busy throughout the season, and they don't need to rely only on gutter cleaning, which can be seasonal at times.

Now, you have all the insights about what you need to get started with the gutter cleaning business. You also know the methods. Let's take a look at the safety precautions that is essential when you are discharging your gutter cleaning assignments.

Safety measures for gutter cleaning

Your safety matters a lot while discharging your work. There are specific tips that will guide you while handling the ladder and the general safety gear tips!

The ladder

Let's take a look at the safety tips when handling the ladder.

  • First, ensure that the ladder is firm before you start climbing on it. Always look up before you place your ladder to check if the power lines are hanging. It is safe to use fiberglass, non-conductive ladders that will protect you against any electrocution.
  • Learn how to place a ladder correctly. The correct configuration considered safe is placing a ladder 1 foot out for every 4 feet height. Secondly, the area that the ladder will be lying must be level.
  • Ensure that the ladder protrudes three rungs above the point of contact at the roof so that you don't face the dangers of accidental falls.
  • Balance your weight on the ladder while you are climbing. The bulk of your weight must never overpower the rails of the ladder.
  • When you are climbing a ladder, balance is essential. Therefore, it will be wise to maintain 3 points of contact whenever you are climbing.
  • Finally, never be ashamed to decline some job offers. Some job offers can be very dangerous, especially when they are very close to electric wires.

Basic safety tips when doing the gutter cleaning

  • The wet, frosty, or icy roof is always dangerous. Never attempt to walk on it; instead, wait until the ice of frost melts.
  • Use ladder placements around the house rather than attempting to walk on a steep roof.
  • Gutter cleaning isn't conducive during heavy winds and storms.
  • Never place your hand down the gutter, or stoop towards the gutter because it will shift your balances dangerously towards the edge of the roof.
  • Never lean downhill towards the gutters.
  • Minimize the use of water hose while at the top, for it wets the gutters, making it susceptible to falling. It is really good to clean with a hose, but not when you are with the work.
  • Wearing hand gloves is mandatory before handling any debris in the gutters. Never use bare hands, for it may contain harmful bacteria. The gutters may also be containing sharp objects that may cut your hands, especially on edge towards the downspout.

Final thoughts on Gutter cleaning

Getting started with the gutter cleaning business is quite realizable. You only need to assemble all the basic requirements to help you achieve success in the business. Getting a name is also something that must never be overlooked. Your firm should have a unique name and, of course, a phrase that will highlight what you do. When you have all this right, you can be sure to have a good business that will pay you well.

Never allow the physical aspect and dangers that pertain to the business to discourage you. You can overcome it when you have good planning. It would be best if you only were wary about scheduling your timeframes because you will have to manage thousands of clients who will be calling your services day in day out. The business's beauty is the cash; that is why it will be wise to stick to all the essentials to find yourself loosing!