Breaking Down the Numbers: How to Reach Your Business Goals through Strategic Planning and Marketing

podcast Feb 23, 2023

This blog post will discuss how to generate $100,000 or more in revenue for your business by working backward from your revenue goal. Jason outlines the importance of knowing your average ticket, the number of jobs needed to reach the revenue goal, and the marketing budget to achieve this.

Jason highlights the significance of understanding the daily cost and knowing your numbers. This knowledge can help you plan and budget your marketing activities, increasing your chances of achieving your revenue goals.

Breaking down your goals

To generate $100,000 in revenue, Jason recommends that you start by breaking down your goal into smaller, achievable targets. For example, if your average ticket is $750, you will need 133 jobs to reach your revenue goal. The author then suggests dividing this number by the months you will work, usually 8 months for northern regions. This will give you the number of jobs you must complete monthly to reach your revenue goal.

What's your average ticket?

Jason also advises business owners to raise prices and offer packages to increase the average ticket value. This will reduce the number of jobs you must complete monthly to achieve your revenue goals.

The blog post then explains how to generate $250,000 or more in revenue. This will require a higher marketing budget and a more significant number of leads. The author recommends starting marketing activities early in the year to build a pipeline of leads. In addition, the author suggests using in-person and online quoting methods to generate leads.

How do you get pressure washing leads?

Finally, Jason lists various lead-generation tactics, including yard signs, referrals, online advertising, SEO, and email marketing. The author emphasizes the importance of using multiple tactics to generate leads consistently.

In conclusion, this blog post provides a detailed breakdown of the steps required to generate $100,000 in revenue for your business. By working backward from your revenue goal, you can break down your targets into smaller, achievable targets, making it easier to hit your revenue goals. By following the author's advice, you can develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will help you generate leads consistently and achieve your revenue goals.


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