The Goat Assist helps you climb roofs for hanging Christmas lights, roof cleaning, and roof inspections

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The Goat assist

The Goat Assist is a device that helps you climb roofs.

With the goat assist device, reaching your roof is a lot easier. This innovative product provides a safe and secure way to ascend roofs, for used only as intended, intended to use the first man up, the last man down, and or a one-man inspection tool. The goat assist also ensures that you have a safe and secure grip on the surface as you climb.


With the goat assist, it is easier to hang Christmas lights or perform roof cleaning or inspection tasks. Its lightweight design and secure grip make it easy to use and a great tool for anyone who needs assistance getting onto the roof. It is also perfect for those who may have difficulty with balance, as it provides extra stability while climbing. So if you're looking to get a little help this holiday season or need some assistance with roof cleaning or inspections, be sure to check out the goat assist!



Goat assist is an excellent tool for professional roofers, Christmas lights installers, roof cleaners, and inspectors. It's easy to use and provides a safe and secure way of reaching any rooftop.


The goat comes with (5) 4' poles and a soft touch hook pad and wheel. 20LF Total weight 16LBS. Product Length: 20 Ft. Weight limits do not exceed 350 lbs when using this device.

The Goat Steep Assist Roof Ladder Compact Goat (Compact)


Ensure safety while on your roof with the Cougar Paw shoes, Ridge Pro, and Pitch Hopper! These tools are invaluable for anyone venturing into high places. Get ahead of potential hazards before they get you - stay safe up there!

Adhere to the design specifications outlined by the manufacturer when utilizing goat assist for maximum efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are some roof safety tips?

Some roof safety tips include staying clear of the edge, using a harness if working on a roof, and using common sense. If you're not comfortable walking on a roof, don't do it! And always have someone with you in case of an emergency.2. How can I prevent falls from my roof?

2. What are some common roofing hazards?

Some common roofing hazards include:
-Falling off the roof while working on it
-Electrocution from contact with power lines or other electrical equipment
-Inhaling toxic fumes from asphalt or other roofing materials
-Slipping and falling on wet or icy surfaces

3. How can I stay safe while working on my roof?

There are a few things you can do to stay safe while working on your roof:

1. Wear shoes with good traction like cougar paws.
2. Use a ladder that is in good condition and has safety features, such as stabilizers and side rails.
3. Make sure the roof is stable before stepping onto it.
4. Have someone spot you while you're working.
7. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid working near power lines or other hazards.

4. What are some OSHA roof safety regulations?

There are a few general OSHA roof safety regulations that companies should abide by:

-Employees must be trained in the safe use of fall protection equipment before they are allowed to work on a roof.
-All workers on a roof must use fall protection unless it can be demonstrated that they are not at risk of falling.
-Fall protection systems must be inspected regularly for defects and damage.

5. What are some common roofing injuries?

Falls from roofs are a common injury in the construction industry. A person falls from a roof when he or she slips, trips, or jumps off the roof and is not wearing fall protection.

A worker can also be injured on a roof by slipping on ice, snow, or wet surfaces; falling objects; electrocution; and burns. OSHA has specific regulations to protect workers from these hazards.