How you Make $300/hr in My Pressure Washing Business in 2024

pressure washing Dec 11, 2023
pressure washing

Grow Your Pressure Washing Business in 2024

The year 2024 is right around the corner. If you want to grow a successful pressure washing business next year, you need to start positioning yourself properly and taking the right actions now. In this post, we’ll summarize the key strategies from pressure washing marketing expert Jason Geiman for setting your business up for growth in 2024.


Target High-End Neighborhoods

The first critical piece is to identify and target wealthy, high-end neighborhoods. As Jason says:

“If you're focusing on the $299 house wash, you're gonna struggle in 2024. We got to look at our high-end clients...I've got news for you. Those people are probably not gonna be buying much from you because when everything is going up as much as it is, we've got to go in for the high-end clients.”

Where is the Money?

You need to research and find where the affluent customers are in your service area. Don’t assume - verify. Some resources Jason recommends:

  • The Justice Map - View median household incomes by zip code
  • Google - Search “10 richest places in [your city]”
  • Facebook - Join neighborhood groups and identify higher-end areas
  • USPS EDDM Tool - Enter zip codes and see average household incomes

Zero in on the neighborhoods and zip codes with average incomes over $100k or more. Those are your premium customers.

Position Yourself as Premium

Now that you know where your high-end clients are, you need to position yourself appropriately:

Professional Image

When you show up on a job, make sure you look the part - branded polo shirt, khaki shorts or pants, clean vehicle, etc. First impressions matter.

Confident Bids

When you provide estimates, bid high, especially for those affluent clients. Don’t be afraid of scaring people off - a 30-50% close rate is fine. Underbidding hurts your profits.

Know Your Value

You bring tremendous value through elevated curb appeal, improved safety via slip protection, and more. Don’t get caught in a race to the bottom with low-cost providers.

Leverage Online Reviews

As you win jobs in those high-end neighborhoods, focus relentlessly on getting 5-star online reviews.

Positive online reviews serve as social proof to obtain more leads in the same area. Wealthy homeowners care what their peers’ experience.

Ask for reviews at multiple touchpoints - at booking, at job completion, via email follow-ups, and more. Don’t leave this to chance.

Use Packages to Increase AOV

Rather than doing straight house washes, put together packages that increase your average order value:

 For example:
$300 House Wash
+ $200 Exterior Window Cleaning
+ $300 Driveway Cleaning 
= $800 Package Price

Even if you scare some people off, your income per job goes up. Stop leaving money on the table with every transaction.

Take Relentless Action

Growing any business takes hard work - 90% still fail in the first few years. But you can beat those odds through:

  • Working hard
  • Staying consistent
  • Being relentless
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people

Stay focused on your goals. Don’t get sidetracked by naysayers - even if that means leaving behind friends.

Learn from Mentors

Finally, leverage free mentorship and education opportunities from experts like Jason Geiman:

  • King of Pressure Wash 
  • Books like Hundred Million Dollar Leads by Alex Hormozi
  • Other pressure washing entrepreneurs

Keep investing in your growth through courses, masterminds, peer groups, and more.

The bottom line is you absolutely can grow a thriving pressure washing business in 2024. By targeting premium customers, positioning for high-dollar services, bundling packages, and taking relentless action - you set yourself up for success.


Where can I find neighborhoods with high-income clients?

You can use resources like the Justice Map, Google searches, Facebook neighborhood groups, and the USPS EDDM Tool to identify zip codes and areas with average incomes over $100k. These are your high-end customers.

Do I really need fancy equipment and trucks to service premium clients?

No, you can successfully target high-end clients right from the start without expensive rigs. Focus more on a professional image with logo wear, confidence, and knowing your value.

What close rate percentage should I aim for with my bids?

A 30-50% close rate is healthy and normal. Underbidding frequently leads to leaving money on the table that hurts overall profitability. remembers - a few premium jobs pay more than numerous budget jobs.

How many online reviews should I ask new customers for?

You should request online reviews (Google, Facebook, etc.) at multiple touchpoints - at booking, at job completion, via email/text follow-ups, and more. The more 5-star online reviews in affluent areas, the more word-of-mouth business you’ll see.

What types of services can I bundle together into packages?

Some examples are: House wash, exterior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, concrete cleaning, roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and more. Get creative with premium service bundles.

Is it bad if I scare away potential customers with premium packages?

No, on the contrary - even if your close rate goes down, your revenue per customer goes up. It's better to do fewer jobs at higher dollar values than numerous low-budget jobs. Don't leave money on the table.

Do I really need to join a mastermind group or invest in courses?

Yes - continually investing in mentorship and education from industry experts gives you an edge over your competition. The pros greatly outweigh the cons when it comes to investing in your growth.

What goals should I start setting for my business in 2024?

Consider annual revenue goals, minimum average sales price per job, number of weekly/monthly jobs, profitability benchmarks, online review targets, employee hiring goals, and lead generation metrics to track.

What actions should I focus on every single day?

Stay relentless by prospecting new clients, following up with leads, completing paid marketing campaigns, working job sites (not just admin), reading/ listening to audio books or podcasts during drives, etc.

How do I stay positive when others say the market is too saturated?

Understand that every localized market is different, ignore naysayers opinions that haven't actually grown in YOUR market already, and surround yourself with peers that inspire you and are where you want to be.