Scaling From $200 to $900+ Average Pressure Washing Sales

pressure washing Feb 13, 2024
pressure washing

Once stuck at $200 residential jobs, I uncovered the blueprint to consistently charging $1000+ per pressure washing service. Now I exclusively take boutique, high-end residential clients and secured corporate facility contracts. Way less work for way bigger paychecks. In this post, see how I positioned myself as a premium service provider to gain pricing power. I’ll disclose the step-by-step process I followed to attract clients seeking top-tier exterior wash results regardless of investment. Implement the same techniques I used to qualify ideal buyers, identify underserved markets, communicate irresistible value on platforms, confidently overcome pricing objections and convert at 95% rates thanks to perceived exclusivity. Whether you currently charge $200 or $2000, this framework will help you capture higher-paying clientele.

Target High-Income Neighborhoods

If you want to increase your average ticket price, you need to target higher income neighborhoods. The harsh reality is that a $300 house wash is going to be too expensive for a lot of people in today's economy. But in higher income areas where the average household income is $100K+, a $1000 ticket is much more affordable.

So how do you identify these prime territories to market your pressure washing business? There are a couple free tools that can help:

Justice Map

The Justice Map ( allows you to see a color-coded heatmap of income levels across geography. Dark blue areas have higher average incomes. When you zoom into metro areas, you can click on neighborhoods to see details like average income, home values, etc. Use this to locate pockets of affluence surrounding your city.


The EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) tool from the USPS gives income demographics around ZIP codes. Plug a prospective affluent ZIP code into the tool and you can further verify that income levels justify premium pricing in that area.

So in practical terms, identify your highest income neighborhoods and direct your marketing efforts there - signs, door hangers,, Facebook groups, etc. Competing on price is a loser's game - go where people can afford high-end services.

Offer Package Deals

When customers inquire about a basic house wash, don't stop there. Offer premium add-ons and package deals to boost your average ticket.

Some options include:

- House wash
- Gutter cleanout
- Exterior window cleaning
- Roof cleaning
- Concrete cleaning
- Patio cleaning

The goal is to put together a compelling $1000-$1500 package. Not every customer will buy it, but many will. And it only takes one or two big packages to lift your weekly/monthly average.

For those using bid software, build these add-ons and packages into your system. ResponsiBid is a popular option in this business. The system will automatically show options and calculate price estimates.

Answer Calls Like a Pro

You only have one chance to make a first impression! When the phone rings, answer professionally and courteously. Have a system to record inquiries and call people back promptly if you can't schedule immediately.

How you show up is also critical - wear company shirts or polos, maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. This goes hand-in-hand with nurturing a strong brand image (covered later).

Take pride in delivering on time and doing excellent work. Sweat the small stuff so customers rave about you. Your professionalism reassures customers that premium pricing is justified.

Price by the Square Foot

To hit $1000 average tickets, you need to know your numbers and charge accordingly. Price services by the square footage:

- Concrete cleaning: $0.30 per sq ft
- House wash: $0.25-$0.30 per sq ft
- Roof cleaning: $0.40-$0.50 per sq ft
- Windows: $0.10 per sq ft

This methodical approach helps you hit financial targets through accurate bidding. Dial these numbers way up for commercial jobs where higher price points are the norm.

Do Multiple Jobs Per Day

Efficiency is key - the more jobs you can squeeze into a day, the higher your revenue and average ticket. As you grow and hire employees, make sure they work smart.

Shoot to do at least two typical residential jobs per day. Commercial jobs pay even better for time invested. Systematize processes so jobs flow smoothly and you minimize downtime between sites.

Market 10X More

Most small businesses fail because they only market "sometimes". To drive higher revenue, you need to get your name and offers in front of many more people.

Think quantity and consistency:

- 10X the number of Facebook posts
- 10X the number of yard signs
- 10X the number of cold calls
- 10X the number of door hangers

More marketing means more bids, more customers, more reviews, and higher lifetime revenue per customer. Run ads on NextDoor and Google to nearby high-income areas. Join Facebook community groups and post often.

Yes, this level of marketing is hard work. But efforts now pay dividends for years via recurring business and word-of-mouth.


Believe You Can Charge More

Ultimately, you need to believe you can command $1000 average tickets in order to make it happen. Surround yourself with other successful pressure washers who currently earn these rates. Attend industry trainings (like King of Pressure Washing events) for motivation and tactics.

If you doubt your own abilities or feel unworthy of high compensation, customers may sense that. Read confidence building books like "Think and Grow Rich". There are always naysayers - don't listen to them. Run your race!

Pivot to Commercial

Once your residential business is thriving, commercial jobs represent the next level to take you to $200K, $500K or even $1M+ in revenue.

Commercial bids often start at thousands of dollars and can run into the tens of thousands. The stakes are higher but so is the payoff. To shift into commercial:

- Get trained on bidding and sales tactics for business owners
- Build up high-quality equipment arsenal
- Hire employees to take on more jobs
- Target hospitals, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes
- Connect with property managers and facility managers

In summary, residential will always be the "bread and butter" for most pressure washing companies. To sustain growth year after year, commercial contracts act as the rocket fuel. Target 6-figure average tickets and your income potential expands exponentially.


How much can I realistically charge for a basic house wash?

The average price for a basic house wash is around $200-300, but in higher income areas you can charge $500+ without issue. With packages and add-ons, you should shoot for $750+ per house on average.

What kind of add-on services can I offer?

Some popular add-ons are gutter cleanouts, exterior window cleaning, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, patio cleaning, etc. Offer bundles of 2-3 extra services.

How many services can I realistically do per day?

An individual operator can typically perform 2 residential jobs per day on average. With an efficient system and employees, you can scale to 3-5+ jobs per day.

How do I project square footage for pricing?

Use Google Maps satellite view and sites like to measure house perimeter, roof size, driveway/walkway area. Add up square footage prices for each surface type.

Should I invest more in marketing?

Yes - most businesses fail due to inadequate marketing. Plan to invest 10X more into channels like Facebook ads, yard signs, door hangers, NextDoor ads to hit sales goals.

How do I look and sound more professional?

Wear company polos, answer phone calls promptly and courteously, show up on time, do excellent work, request reviews, display your awards/certifications. Perception drives ability to charge premium rates.

What types of commercial facilities should I target?

Hospitals, corporate campuses, manufacturing plants, and apartment complexes offer tremendous revenue potential. Property managers control budgets - connect with them!

How do I project commercial square footage?

Use Google Earth Pro to measure perimeter, roof areas, parking lots, outbuildings, etc on commercial sites. Get mandated facility maps from property managers whenever possible.

Should I invest in bid software?

Yes, bid software like ResponsiBid allows you to have packaged offerings and pricing formulas automated. This saves huge time communicating estimates consistently.

How do I get the confidence to charge more?

Surround yourself with other successful service providers charging premium rates already. Attend industry trainings reinforcing high-income potential. Read motivational business books like Think and Grow Rich.