Do I need To Be Able To Work On Pressure Washing Equipment?

Jun 12, 2021

 I know people in the industry have problems, and you know they they think that everybody should know everything.

I just want to let you know that you don't need to know everything about pressure washing equipment.

I would rather have somebody build it for you or you build it yourself you know should you know some general stuff knowledge about pressure washing equipment.

Honesty i'd rather you know lots about business and that type of thing because that's what will grow your business.

I know a lot of smart people that are technician mindset.

They have it up here in the head and are technician mindset.

They're great with their hands they're great with the the washing but they can never get off the truck.

You know why they can never get off the truck?

They have this thing called a technician mindset.

We need an owner's mindset and how do you get an owner's mindset well first off i'm going to go tell you to read a book and the first book i want you to read is called e-myth

 The  bookE-m-y-t-h goes over the different parts of business.

A lot of times we get into this technical mindset of well if these people don't know how to fix the pressure washer then they don't even need to be in business.

Or you hire somebody. Duh

It's just like saying, well if you don't know how to do marketing you shouldn't even be doing this business.

If you don't know how to do it you find somebody to do it.

It's called who not how when you put the right who's in your business, your business will blow up.

Your business will grow if we just want to know all the hows and we learn all the hows.

I know how to do this and I know how to do that and I know how to do this you're only going to grow so far/

But if we have the right who's in our business then we can grow way farther than trying to do it all by yourself.

Maybe you suck at fixing this stuff?

I can show you a guy that did $150,000 last year and probably gonna double that close this year.

He can't work on stuff to save his life but you know what, it ain't about the hows it's about the whos.

Who can help him fix his equipment.

Who can help him do the things he needs tdone.

People don't want to pay to have to go through and pay to work on your equipment.

Well if you'd have that mindset, now we're in a whole different mindset.

But if you are willing to learn,

You are willing to grow, and you can find the right who's in your business that is the goal

That's the second book i would highly recommend you to read

"Who not How" by dan sullivan

Another great book about building your business, growing your business so that you can be successful.

That you can do the things for your why!

What is your why?

So that way you can grow your business, you can get to the next level, you can do things you want to do.