Pressure Washing SALES 101 - Get your average ticket up higher!

marketing podcast pressure washing Oct 03, 2023

In the competitive world of pressure washing businesses, finding ways to increase your average ticket price is essential for profitability and growth. By implementing effective strategies, you can not only enhance your bottom line but also provide better value to your customers. In this blog post, we'll explore three key strategies to help you raise your average ticket price to over $1000


Quote Everything!

One common mistake many pressure washing businesses make is only offering quotes for specific services requested by the customer. While it's essential to provide a transparent breakdown of costs for these services, it's equally important to quote every service your company offers, even if the customer hasn't specifically requested it.

Why is this important?

By offering additional services and presenting them to the customer in a clear and appealing manner, you can increase the likelihood of them opting for more comprehensive cleaning solutions. For instance, if you're pressure washing a customer's driveway, suggest adding a house exterior wash or a roof cleaning service to enhance their property's overall curb appeal. The convenience of bundling services can encourage customers to invest more in their property's maintenance, thus increasing your average ticket price.

Mindset is Everything

The success of your pressure washing business isn't just about the physical tasks; it's also about your mindset. A positive and confident approach can significantly impact your ability to upsell services and raise your average ticket price.

Here are a few mindset tips:

a. Value Your Services: Believe in the value your pressure washing services provide. When you genuinely believe that your work enhances a property's appearance and longevity, you'll naturally convey this to potential customers, making them more willing to invest in your services.

b. Confidence in Upselling: Don't be afraid to upsell or recommend additional services. If you genuinely believe that a particular service will benefit the customer, confidently explain the advantages, and let them make an informed decision. Many customers appreciate expert recommendations.

c. Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest pressure washing techniques, equipment, and industry trends. The more knowledge and expertise you have, the more confident you'll be when discussing various service options with your customers.


Your Average Ticket Should Be Over $1000

Setting a specific target for your average ticket price can be a powerful motivator. While the exact number may vary depending on your location and market, aiming for an average ticket price over $1000 is a reasonable goal for many pressure washing businesses.

To achieve this:

a. Bundle Services: As mentioned earlier, offer bundled packages that include multiple services. For example, a comprehensive exterior cleaning package that includes house, deck, and driveway cleaning can easily exceed the $1000 mark.

b. Regular Maintenance Plans: Create maintenance plans that encourage customers to schedule regular cleaning services throughout the year. These plans can ensure a steady stream of income and help you reach your average ticket price goal.

c. Premium Services: Introduce premium services such as rust stain removal, graffiti removal, or high-end deck restoration. These specialized services can command higher prices and contribute to raising your average ticket.


Raising your average ticket price for your pressure washing business to over $1000 is not only achievable but also essential for sustainable growth and profitability. By implementing strategies like quoting every service, adopting the right mindset, and offering value-driven services, you can not only increase your earnings but also provide exceptional value to your customers. So, get out there, confidently promote your services, and watch your pressure washing business thrive.


What is an average ticket price, and why is it important for my pressure washing business?

Average ticket price refers to the average amount a customer spends on your services per transaction. It's important because it directly impacts your business's revenue and profitability. A higher average ticket price means more income for your company.

How can I determine my current average ticket price?

To calculate your current average ticket price, divide your total revenue by the number of transactions (jobs) over a specific period, usually a month or a year.

What are the benefits of quoting every service to customers?

Quoting every service allows you to showcase the full range of your offerings, increasing the likelihood of customers opting for more comprehensive cleaning solutions. It maximizes revenue potential from each job.

Is it essential to bundle services together, or can I offer them individually?

While you can offer services individually, bundling services into packages often encourages customers to choose more extensive cleaning solutions, increasing your average ticket price. It also simplifies the decision-making process for clients.

How can I develop a confident mindset for upselling and recommending additional services?

Confidence in upselling comes from believing in the value your services provide. Continuously educate yourself, stay updated on industry trends, and practice explaining the benefits of each service to customers.

What should I do if a customer is resistant to additional services or a higher-priced package?

Listen to their concerns and objections carefully. Address their doubts by explaining how the additional services or package benefits them. Sometimes, offering a discount or promotion for bundled services can also help overcome resistance.

Can I set my average ticket price too high and scare away potential customers?

Setting a high average ticket price isn't about scaring customers away. It's about offering value and quality service that justifies the price. Be transparent about what they're getting for their investment.

Are there any legal or ethical concerns with upselling and quoting every service?

As long as you are transparent and honest with your customers about the services and prices, there should be no legal or ethical concerns. Avoid using high-pressure sales tactics and ensure that customers have a clear understanding of what they're purchasing.

What types of premium services can I introduce to raise my average ticket price?

Premium services could include specialized cleaning, stain removal (e.g., rust, graffiti), deck restoration, or sealing. Identify services that cater to specific customer needs and command higher prices.

How can I promote my bundled packages and higher-priced services effectively?

Use your website, social media, email marketing, and direct communication with customers to promote bundled packages and premium services. Highlight the benefits and results of these services to attract and educate your audience.